Mickey Mouse as Jack Skellington

I think I tend to have a lot of favorite items in my collection. This item is no different as it is one of my favorites. It’s a plush doll I bought from Disneyland in which Mickey Mouse is re-imagined as Jack Skellington. Can you imagine? Finally, my two favorite characters combined into one. I had no idea this existed until my dad noticed it during one of his many trips to Disneyland. I knew I had to go to Disneyland just to buy this.

The plush doll is all black and white. Mickey’s black ears and nose have been replaced with a light grey color. His eyes are now solid black. He has the bat bow tie (though there are no eyes on this bow tie) and is wearing a pin stripe suit. His yellow shoes have been replaced with black shoes. His white gloves have been replaced with skeleton hands (though they are much thicker than Jack’s hands). Mickey’s smile matches Jack’s as well. Vertical lines are sewn across a long horizontal line to represent his mouth and teeth. He’s stands about 9″ tall.  The cost for the plush doll was $14.95.

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Disney Nightmare Before Christmas 9″ Plush Mickey Mouse Doll Dressed as Jack Skellington

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